About this website

The website you see before you is a result of the 30 Day Challenge that I did in May 2012. What started as a commitment to write something every day has been taking me on a fascinating journey ever since.

It started with descriptive posts, evolved into poems and then some more factual blog posts. Topics range from penguins to career change to photography to creative writing – and more. All accompanied by photos I have taken, some with a digital SLR and some on the move with a phone camera.

During January 2015 I revitalised this blog by doing Lotte Lane‘s Come Blog With Me, a 28 day blogging course and challenge. 28 new posts, lots of observations on life and work, with the occasional penguin thrown in….

Since May 2015 it’s been a bit quiet here because of my work commitments. But I have continued publishing creative blogs here (ongoing) and here (Jan to April 2016) and plan to do more with this blog in 2017.

If you haven’t visited before and want a quick browse through some of my favourite posts, just click here.


Lake in Sweden



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